Thursday, June 2, 2011

Skirted Tables The Right Way

photo credit Peter Margonelli
I've never been very fond of skirted tables.  I think it's because early on in my 'setting up house' phase, if I couldn't afford a piece of furniture I would toss out one of those cheap particle board tables and throw some un-hemmed piece of fabric at it and call it done.  Of course I'd make sure the fabric was extra big as to 'poof' it around the bottom to get it that deliberate piled on the floor look.  We've all done it...just admit it!  And, it works for a lot of people.  One of my best friends still loves her skirted dining room table.  I don't think it's because she can't let go as much as it's necessary for over flow storage.  So, I swore off skirted tables sometime ago.  But, these rooms may have me rethinking this idea. 

Michal Venera

Charlotte Moss

photo credit Francois Halard

The World of Interiors

photo credit Rodney Weidland

photo credit Simon Upton

photo credit Simon Upton

photo credit Thomas Loof

photo credit William Waldron


  1. i am a fan! i think every house should have something skirted. ok maybe not every house. i really love the way it adds an i don't give a shit but i am still cooler than most people look. it has to be a pretty piece of fabric/cloth or linen though. i love it tailored but rough and rumpled.
    i have a farmhouse table (piece of shit really) that was too small so i nailed a piece of MDF to the top to make the surface bigger and then threw on some belgian linen (discounted) and i love it.
    i like the way something skirted adds a bit of softness and femininity to an otherwise masculine room.

  2. I've always liked them (though not on dining tables, go figure;) I think they provide a nice place to use fabric to soften a room. I am especially fond of the rectangular tables in your photos!


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