Monday, May 23, 2011

Clipboards, Hanging Lamps & Wine Racks

These are good ideas:

Clipboards.  Nice, especially in a long hallway or over a sofa.  The key is the clipboards need to be ‘vintage’ in feeling.  An assortment of things could be clipped to the boards and would look great…as long as it’s all the same idea.  These look like old parchment pages.  On a white wall is even better.

A steel rod, few feet of rope and some outdoor lights … done!

Using an old wine rack frame to store wine…novel idea…But I did it first.

This is my kitchen and I originally installed this as art.  Now it’s art that holds wine!


  1. are these all pics of your house? your kitchen is so beautiful - but you already knew that.

    in re to your last post, my husband is an avid hiker and it is snake season here in calif. he recently came upon a rattler with 11 rattles. i read your post to him and he told me that king snakes are impervious to rattlesnake venom. isn't that weird? that whole post freaked me out b/c i really don't like snakes, and i love all animals.

    also, i did not get your email re paint color and i really need to know all you don't know about it b/c paint sales are going to be happening this next weekend. could you try sending it again?


  2. Janet,
    No. Only the last pic of the kitchen is my house...but those ideas would work here beautifully. I'll resend the paint email.

  3. A kitchen I could feel at home cooking in! Beautiful. Mine is a galley that has its 1970s dark, dark cherry cabinets painted grey-blue - blue being both a theme in our house and on my blog.

    I'm not one for decor per se, but I love the idea of the clipboards with their ever-changing displays or no displays at all. Great idea!

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