Saturday, May 14, 2011

Soaking Rooms

I love great soaking tubs, or more importantly, great rooms were you can soak.  It's Saturday and that's bath day  here in Hooterville.  Just kidding I generally bath or shower everyday.  However, yesterday was an exception. 

I sat around with sideways hair all day on Friday.  I had this giant evergreen that needed to be planted.  It’s been in it’s container for several days and really needed to get into the ground.  

Yesterday morning I decided I’d plant it after I left my office in the afternoon.  My thinking was there’s no reason to take a shower this morning, then later in the day get dirty wrestling with a 10 gallon arborviate.  Besides, I knew I'd be in the office on the phone all day and nobody would see me, except I did run out first thing to the market.   Since we live in Hooterville, my uniform of shorts, tee shirt, flip flops, and baseball cap all but made me look overdressed.  Down here one doesn’t have to work very hard to be fashionable. Being fashionable in Hooterville is easy to do since I have all my teeth and expected appendages. 

Once I got that tree in the ground I was off to soak while sipping a glass of prosecco and watching Brian Williams.  I can see him because of the flat screen mounted on the wall in my soaking room!  Sooner or later I’ll show you some pics, when I get it just the way I want it!  Until then, here are a few rather nice soaking spots for your viewing pleasure.

And one sexy shower just for good measure...

photo credit: 1 Virginia Del Guidice, 2 Jonn Coolidge, 3 Melanie Acevedo, 4 Christopher Simon Sykes, 5 & 11 Simon Upton, 6 & 7 Tim Beddow, 8 David Glomb, 9 Laura Resen, 10 Roger Davies, 12 The World of Interiors, 13 Alec Hemer, 14 Miguel Flores Vianna, 15 Peter Vitale, 16 Eric Piasecki, 17 Manuela Pavesi.


  1. i love image #5, darryl carter? i think.

    if i were you living in that house i'd so be the country gentleman in cordouroy and tweed and rrl. but if having teeth is the only real requirement then i guess you can't complain.

    you really do crack me up.

  2. holy cow. those are legit soakers.

    mine is clawfoot but it has a chippy butt surface and it sits crooked on 2x4's. perfect for hooterville.

  3. You don't need to live in Hooterville to get caught with your wig on sideways while doing garden work. You're always a joy to read an d you always have the best images. All awesome soaking tubs. I'd love to have the space to have one of them smack dab in the middle of a room.

  4. Soaking in Hooterville....isn't that a country song??

  5. do you mind me you have any suggestions for exterior white paint colors? is it true i need to prime the house in gray first? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    also, making that bread is effortless and it is quite delicious. use real salt, not kosher though.

  6. Randy- can't find your email address. Was trying to respond when you commented on my backsplash post. Do you have a photo of your kitchen on your blog? Email me!

  7. Omgosh. ALL these images are so amazing! What I would give to soak in any of these bathtubs!

    <3 Belly B

  8. Hey Randy! :) I'm looking for where I got those pictures from. I know it's a Houston designer ... just gotta figure out which one. As soon as I figure it out - I'll send you the link.

  9. I like most of them, but that last picture is beyond sexy,
    All those ideas I got looking at it !!!

  10. Ohhhh those are yummy. The rock one made me laugh a little.. it felt like what you might see if the flinstones tried to go glam.

  11. "I have all my teeth..." tooo funny! I was going to try to pick my favorite, but not enough time in the day! They are all wonderful. Okay maybe that first copper tub, or the last one before the shower (which is fab too), or.........!


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