Monday, February 27, 2012

Cat VS. Solo Cup

You've all heard me mention Bandit the Obnoxious Yard Cat.  Here's a photo of what he looked like as a kitten. 

Here's one of him from last summer. 

And, here's how he looked this past Sunday morning. 

On Sunday I woke up, headed downstairs and found C staring out the porch door howling hysterically.  Bandit the Obnoxious Yard Cat was standing on his hind legs peering in the blinds of the back door; typical since it was morning nugget time.  But, what was unusually stupid about this morning was that the little fucker had a plastic solo cup around his neck.  The  bottom half the cup was missing and the wider top  half circled his neck like a giant red cat collar.  At first glance it looked like it was tight around his neck, but considering he's a lean pussy and mostly fur, it actually wasn't tight at all.  Even though it was not tight around his stupid little neck it was a bit of  a snug fit pulling it back over his head removing his newly found jewelry.


I'm sorry about the quality of these photos, but its quite difficult purrrsueding a cat to pose for a photo when the only thing on his mind is breakfast.  He didn't seem to  mind wearing the cup and he certainly seemed far more interested in breakfast.  I have no idea how he got the damn thing around his neck in the first place!  I don't even own any red solo cups! Someone had to have put it over his head.  But, it's not like we live around a lot of people, and the cat would have had to do some traveling to find someone to stick it on him.  And even odder is that it would have had to have happened in the middle of the night, considering I saw him laying on the porch around 11:00 PM. 

He generally spends his time asleep on the porch - day and night.  But evidently he had his own little kitty rave on Saturday night.  I also noticed he had a tiny patch of fur missing on his ear; as in "I was on the winning side of a cat fight!"  Other than the ear (and of course the cup around his neck) he looked none the worst for wear!

My Saturday night was rather tame in comparison.  I feel asleep on the couch watching a SNL repeat.  Bandit cut loose.  Most strange!  And for anyone who may be concerned he's just fine.  This pic was taken moments ago!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Black & White

So what is black, white and red all over?  No its not a newspaper its this post!  OK...old bad joke.  But, Black as an accent is no joke.  Like Leopard, I consider Black a neutral.  I've got some great black wing backs and once I even recovered an empire sofa in black leather.  And to this day I still miss my black and white tile floor in our first house.  Here's some tastiness...

Monday, February 13, 2012


And yes...I know its been do to death and sometimes striped walls feel very Thom Filicia Queer Eye for the Straight Guy 10 years ago.  Remember when he painted every room he walked into with brown stripes!  Anyway it's still a good look - sometimes!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Decorating MTM Style

Last week I watched the SAG awards and they hauled Mary Tyler Moore out on stage to give her a life time achievement award.  She was one of my first decorating inspirations.  I liked that she had a sunken living room in her apartment, but most of all I liked that she had her initial on the wall.  I was inspired at the time to hang R's on everything! As a 10 year old I thought it was just too chic Of course, I realize now I was gravely mistaken.  If I were going to slap letters on the walls now, here's how I'd do it. 

I'm not going to do it, but if you feel inspired let me know how it turns out.

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