Thursday, November 29, 2012

Chalk Board Thoughts

I know there is absolutely nothing new or innovative about chalk boards, chalk board paint or chalk board painted walls. However I still like the idea - or at least the idea of it if done correctly. I have a small chalk board that hangs by the back door. It is a nice rectangle shape hanging from a little hemp rope. It was a gift from a good friend. I was excited thinking I could write my market list, notes to myself, interesting little bits of smart insight and the like on my new chalk board. However, as I write this post I just realized the verbiage on my chalk board has been there since the chalk board was hung 4 years ago. So, its probably best I did not incorporate a chalk board application in my house. If I ever decide to do so I like some of these ideas. But, of course I would make sure whatever is on my chalk board would be drawings of ancient Greek warriors in compromising sexual positions or the song lyrics of any Sonny & Cher song!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Interesting Neo Classical Rooms

I am a complete believer that rooms which are 'too formal' are also uncomfortable.  I learned the hard way.  When we first moved into our house years ago I treated the rooms very formally - after all it is a old country plantation house with a formal floorplan & classic details.  I've since taken a different view and 100 percent believe in the mix of old/new & formal/casual.  When decorating an old room with classic details, 'too formal' can be uncomfortable & all to often 'too formal' can be boring.  The key is to keep it interesting.  These room do just that.



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