Thursday, May 26, 2011

Roaming Naked with Jamie Durie

I've been working on the plan for our courtyard and dining porch and will post it soon.  But in the meantime, I've been thinking about another option if my plan doesn't work out. 

The other day I was watching my favorite HGTV show, Jamie Durie’s Outdoor Room.  It’s my favorite for obvious reasons.  He does incredible work.  And, he’s just about as fine as it gets – short, but still hot.  It’s hard for me to concentrate on what he’s saying because I’m mesmerized. 

I got all Jamie Durie'd years ago when he came out with his first book and started hanging out on Oprah’s show.  When I first discovered him, I of course searched for more info and found that he was a former model.  No real surprise there! Then I found these pictures which almost made me toss him aside forever, but everyone makes mistakes.  God knows its possible for a not so good pic of me from my runway days to be floating around.  So I forgive him and I've moved on. 

What's wrong with his stomach - photoshop please!

On two of his more recent shows he did some floating decks and a sunken room, which is providing some inspiration for the courtyard.  I always get a lot of ideas from my friend Jamie, but the theory he repeats most often is one that I can't get out of my mind.  On just about every other show he states that a garden doesn’t do its job unless it’s private enough to wonder around naked.  I totally agree!  I haven’t been in my right mind since I saw the episode in which he did his own backyard.  It’s very private so you know he’s roaming around naked. 

We live on 25 acres in the middle of nowhere, so generally I could take Jamie's advice if I choose to do so.  But, who wants to ramble around naked in that desolate desert courtyard of mine.  So here’s my proposal.  My courtyard is a great blank canvas.  One like Jamie has never tackled before.  Wouldn’t it be amazing for him to work his magic on me my courtyard and give me it the Jamie Durie treatment?  He’s hasn’t done a true southern plantation house yet.  Plus, I’m open to new ideas, hip thoughts and turning up the volume.  Does anyone have HTGV contacts?  Hook me up!  I want to wonder around naked with Jamie!

Until then here are some pool pics that have been providing me some inspiration.

Jamie Durie

Photo credit Andrew Garn

Photo credit David Glomb

Photo credit Eric Piasecki

Photo credit Erick Kvalsvik

Photo credit Eugeni Pons

Photo credit Grey Crawford

Photo credit Peter Vitale

Reed Krakoff

Photo credit Roger Davies

The World of Interiors

Photo credit Tim Street-Porter

Photo credit William Waldron


  1. When I first saw the Oprah ep, I was so excited for him. I loved seeing those manpower ads back in the day. I thought it was funny though that they introduced him as gardening expert because before that he was a presenter and then he presented garden type shows which probably sparked his interest and ch7 or 9 would have got him taught like Don Burke. I must say though, nothing is wrong with his abs in that photo they are simple in slight crunch position if you look at angle. And there is nothing wrong with his Manpower days.

  2. Also what I was going to say, if it wasn't for Manpower, he most likely wouldn't have been given the presenting jobs which then lay the foundation for his gardening shows.


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