Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gray Greens

Because it is 93 degrees in Atlanta today, which means 95 degrees here on the farm, I’m longing for all things green.  We leaped from spring to summer before I realized it.  With temps in the mid 90’s for the remainder of this week and no rain in sight the grass is turning a dull gray brown.  And, graying down my world even more is that fact that I’m always making the comment everything in my house is gray, light black, charcoal, slate, or some other shade of gray. 

Clearly gray is my favorite color.  I generally tell people the interior colors for the house are shades of gray.  Which is true, however we had some guests over the holiday weekend and one of their comments was how much they liked all the blues and greens.  I used Farrow & Ball paints, which have a tendency to change colors in different light.

There are some rooms that are gray.  Period.  But, I did use a lot of gray greens and gray blues. So, between the shifting of hues, the similar colors and the fact that I choose greens with grays, gray blues and grays, I think of the interior as gray.   

The living room is green.  It’s a color I consider to be ‘old money green’.  However, it’s called French Gray, which is really green.  C’s office is Card Room Green, a dark moss green and there’s no mistaking it for gray.  The mudroom is the same color, but in that room it looks many shades lighter with far more gray tones.  Our den is Pigeon.  I almost did not go with that color, because it sounded like a dull gray ugly bird.  But, it’s a rather nice shade of green (with a hint of gray of course). 

So, just to show that I’m not all gray, here’s some greens from the around the house.

One of my favorite things is this pair of  urns...their verdigris patina is a beautiful green...

French Gray

Another of my favorites is this 4'x4' framed old school graphic...

The pea green leather sofa and bench blend better with the french gray than it appears in this photo

Here's the rear center hall.  No green here.  It's Lamp Room Gray...

But go through those pocket doors and it's Pigeon Green...
I need a new camera...this room is much dark than this photo!

This is the mudroom...which normally looks green most of the time...

Also in the mudroom is this beat up old tin box that I forced the contractor to install. 
He thought I was crazy.  It holds keys and other such hanging things...in the mirror reflection you
can see how much darker green the room really is...

I swear this room is really green...

These are fresh peas...they were picked from the garden yesterday...they are green...not gray...
the sofa in the living room is this color!

This is not a picture from my house...but it does reminded me the next time I'm in ATL I have an
errand to run...


  1. i'm having so much trouble commenting these days. steve suggested this method and i hope it works.

    anyway, i love the pics of all your grays, blues, greens, whatever they are, they are all gorgeous. love the glimpses of your interiors. also, i wanted to comment on your last post about running around naked with that gardener but i can't remember what i was going to say other than, i'd like to.


  2. I think if there were really a true gray from smack dab in the middle of the color wheel it would be really dead and ugly. I love color but I don't know that I could easily live it. I love the colors you've you chosen. They looks easy to live with.

    Isn't it hard to take good interior photos?

  3. It's wawm down here I'm imagining cool cool colors.


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