Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Classic Modern Townhouse

Victorian is not my thing, but I could live with this!  There’s nothing I don’t like about this West London Victorian.  The apartment is the second floor ballroom of a townhouse owned by designer Jasper Conran. 

It was published in The World of Interiors back in 2002 and is described as ‘the constant battle between Classicism and Modernism.”  Being that I’m all about the mix of classic and modern, you can see why it so appeals to me.

Photo credit Bill Batten. 


  1. there is much to delight in.

  2. omg, i've always wondered where that kitchen came from. i had a picture of it and i've always, always loved it. i would say it is my favorite kitchen EVER. i love the way the refrigerator was set back into that arch and the stainless steel countertops with all that molding and the portrait just makes me crazy happy. is this in a book or is it a magazine? i've got to get it.


  3. Janet,
    I found these pics in a magazine - World of Interiors way back in a 2002 issue...that one pic was the only image of the kitchen...


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