Monday, January 31, 2011

New Orleans Bargeboard

Most of the second floor of our house has the original planked walls, ceilings and floors.  I am always intrigued by the primitive atmosphere created by wood planked rooms.  When we did our renovation we had the walls in several of the addition’s new rooms planked.   

I had never heard of Bargeboard until I found an article and these photos of this house in New Orleans.  The term Bargeboard comes from an architectural style of Creole town houses made of timber transported down the Mississippi during the 19th century.  This particular house is an 1830 Bywater district home, adjacent to the French Quarter. 

Lately, we’ve been thinking that we need to simplify, so I’m appreciative of how pared down this New Orleans house is.  I couldn’t do it; simplified or not, I have to have places to lounge and modern conveniences. I’m all about primitive style, but it needs to be mixed with modern to make me comfortable.  But, you have to appreciate the care, skill and style that have saved this Louisiana house.  The owners did a great job of restoration and capturing the authenticity of the period and the house’s Caribbean heritage. 

photo credit Toni Meneguzzo
courtesy of The World of Interiors


  1. Love this. Love the ceilings in particular. And the colors. I wish I could be happy living like this.

  2. Great post I have known the owner Mary for some time, she is great with color. I love her simplistic style. The house is for sale now.

  3. So, I guess it's safe to assume that this place is not for wedding rentals? Man, that's too bad. This is the most amazing set of pictures I could ever hope to be a part of.

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  5. Never, never, never. I don't like it visually and I would not live there. Like you, comfort matters.

  6. Bargeboard was used on several different housing types in New Orleans, not just Creole town houses.


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