Friday, January 14, 2011

My New Year's Resolutions!

I’m not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions, especially for myself.  In fact, I don’t ever really remember making any.  My belief is “why set yourself up for failure”.  I see no reason to add to one’s disappointment.  But, I do believe the chances of getting what you want increases when you put the energy out in the Universe.  Many self help book authors and other smart people like Oprah say to write down what you want and visualize it.  Although I’m not sure the Queen of Daytime took her own advice when she ‘personally chose’ the shows and content for her new network.  Or maybe I’m wrong and she visualized a network of re-hashed ideas – who knows. 

But Oprah does have a point. You may have noticed a December posting about my Christmas gift list. If you read that posting, you probably remember some of my requests.  In full discloser, I have to admit that I did not find everything on my list under the Christmas tree.  The Cartier bracelet eluded me and Daniel Craig did not show up.  However, many of my top priorities were delivered by Santa.  I got my sarong (its black which was an unexpected surprise!), a gray kimono, and a rifle. 

A friend of ours, who spent the holidays with us, said if asked she was not going to tell anyone what I got for Christmas because people might think I’m weird.  I think she pictured me standing in the middle of the fields in the kimono with the sarong wrapped around my head shooting things.  Which I guess is possible if I decided to use these gifts at the same time, but that was never the intent.   I don’t think asking for a sarong, kimono and a rifle make me ‘weird’.  I prefer to think it makes me interesting.  Either way, I put it out there and I got what I wanted.

So with the success of the Christmas list, I’ve decided to make some New Year’s resolutions for 2011 – and share them with the Universe.  Also, by writing them down and posting for the world to see, it just may keep me motivated to actually complete them!  Sort of like shaming myself into action.   I don’t want to report back on the blog admitting my attention span is similar to a gnat and I just lost interest!

First and most importantly I resolve to sign more clients for the consulting business this year.  I haven’t hit the Mega Millions yet, so I have to do something to earn cash and the consulting business is the best thing I have going to achieve that goal, especially in the short term.  Besides, it allows me to continue to travel, see interesting things, and meet interesting people.

Secondly, I resolve to continue to focus this blog by fine tuning its voice and figuring out a way for A.J.Barnes to make money.  I don’t think one’s hobby necessarily must make money but, when it’s a hobby that requires the time commitment that a blog does, it needs to either make money or the writer (me) needs to be financially set so he doesn’t have to worry about money.  That is certainly not the situation in my case.  This blog was started for two reasons.  One as a creative outlet for me and the other was to create a brand and product line around an authentic lifestyle concept – to make money!  I’m still working on product ideas.  Originally I was going to source great product that worked within the A.J.Barnes brand – which is still a possibility.  However, after pursuing this for awhile, I’ve decided it would be more rewarding to actually develop original product.  Which is far more complex and takes longer, but I’m working on it - slowly.  You’ll hear more about it as the months go by.

And finally, I resolve to get more projects done here on the farm this year.  God knows there are plenty of things that need to be done and can be shared here on the blog!  I’ve decided things linger undone due to two reasons.  I’m lazy.  And, I have a tendency to discuss, think, design, think some more, redesign, second guess, and rethink; ultimately not reaching a conclusion on how the project should be completed so it’s just never started.  I assume that’s because I don’t want to make a mistake, waste time and money just to decide later that I reacted too soon and did the wrong thing.  Or I’m just lazy. 

So doing nothing is better than doing the wrong thing.  That makes sense, but lately I think I’ve been applying that philosophy to everything so nothing has been getting done! 

Soon I’ll post a list of this year’s farm projects.  I thought I may even include a poll on the blog so you could pick which projects you’d be most interested in seeing me undertake.  I’m not sure I could give up that much control, but we’ll see.

So here’s to 2011.  Let’s see how I do!

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