Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bright Lights

Yesterday I had appointments in Atlanta and as I darted from one place to another I passed by DRTC Studio on
Juniper Street
in Midtown.  Our condo is at Metropolis across the street, but fortunately it’s rented, so unfortunately I’m not in the old neighborhood as much as I used to be.  And quite frankly, anymore when I’m in the ATL combing my design haunts. I tend to gravitate towards the design area on the Westside; so it was nice to reacquaint myself with DRTC.  Although the studio itself was still in post holiday transition mode, I remembered one of the things I always liked best about DRTC.  They have great lamps.  Here are a few.  Next time you’re in the area drop by.  They’re at 905 Juniper and I’m sure Tim, shop keeper extraordinaire will be happy to show you around.

photos by Randy Pender for A.J.Barnes

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