Sunday, May 1, 2011

Project Update

This time of the year we spend much time in the Vegetable Garden and on a lawn mower.  The Vegetable Garden is looking better than ever.  The grass is cut and the fields and lawns are in great shape.

All this takes away from the time I can spend on the ‘non essential’ projects.

Since you probably know it takes me a long time to finish things around here, I thought I’d share a couple of pics of the 'in progress' projects. 

The Garden Shed is coming along nicely.  The columns have more than doubled in size.  The front side has been completely rebuilt, caulk and primed.  And of course the scope of work has grown.  I’ve decided there should be a potting area built on the backside and I’m trying to figure where to incorporate an outdoor shower!  

The Dining Porch has also made some progress.  There’s a new rug.  The furniture is positioned and new outdoor drapes are hung. 

Not much has happened with The Courtyard.  I’m overwhelmed.  I have a plan in my head.  Or at least it’s a start of a plan.  I think I’m going to mood board it and get the whole thing on paper, so more to come on this one. 


  1. i love what you are doing with the dining porch. love the rug and drapes.

    we have an outdoor shower, it's called the hose.


  2. I love the beefier columns on the garden shed. They seem perfect. Can't tell much from the tiny slice of the dining porch but I like the greek key border on the rug.

  3. yes, i concur......more photo's.looking splendid and nearly ready for a blogger party

  4. nothin makes me happier than greek key.

    when are you having a big ass pool party that i can get drunk, and you can save me from drowning at?


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