Sunday, June 19, 2011

Nice Books

I try not to use books as décor.  Books are for reading; or in my case looking at the pictures.  So, I generally don’t support books as objet d’art and especially as ‘risers’ to a vase full of tulips.  This Nice apartment - that’s Nice as in France, not nice as in ‘That’s a really nice wig you have on today” is owned by a book editor. I believe that is obvious from the ample amount of books and this guy knows how to live with them.  Between the floors, green gray walls, classic details and of course the books, if I were a book editor and lived in France I would live here. Although, some may consider it a bit studious for me, you have to admit it’s pretty chic. 

Published in The World of Interiors, May 2009.  Photo credit by Jean-Marie del Moral. 


  1. Well said about not using books as decorative supports for other objects! Beautiful rooms you've shown here. I must find that issue of WoI. Our second bedroom is given over to books and I just love being in there - in fact it is where I write.

  2. How tres chic this nice Nice place is.

  3. I'm happy to have my thoughts on books as risers confirmed. I have been feeling hinky about it since I plopped 3 objects d'art on top a stack because it's the only 6 things in my house right now to put on a table.

    Back those books will go to the library and I'll wait on a tablescape that doesn't give me anxiety.

  4. I'm with you: books are for reading (or looking at the pictures.) I have lots of them, which means I also look with wonder at all those spare, styled shelves out there: mine are always packed to the gills just with books.

    Funny story. Back in my Real Simple days, we once did a lifestyle shoot of a sort of cozy weekend getaway, and in one shot the stylist propped a book open face down on an ottoman, like the reader had just stepped away. When the then-editor in chief saw this, she went 100% ballistic, claiming that book lovers would NEVER prop a book like that for fear of breaking the spine. I am a book lover and do it all the time, but she called for a re-shoot.

  5. books as objet + risers = awesome.

  6. We are loving this article!! Such a chic way of incorporating books into the design of a home! Love it! Thanks for the inspiration.
    xo E + J


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