Sunday, June 5, 2011

How Hot Is It?

I start complaining when the temperature drops below 70 degrees.  I don’t like the cold weather, but it’s been too damn hot for almost two weeks now.  It’s not supposed to be 95 this early in June.  The water in the pool is close to the boiling point.  It might not be so bad if it would rain, even a little!  I don’t remember what water falling from the sky is like anymore.  The grass has turned brown and it’s a daily struggle to keep the garden watered, not to mention all the new hedge planting we put in earlier in the spring. 

You have no idea how close I am to stripping buck ass naked, standing in the yard and straying myself with a garden hose!  Really.  Even Bandit the Obnoxious Cat doesn't seem to mind when I aim a garden hose in his direction! 
It’s made me think again about an outdoor shower.  I’ve wanted one for a long time, but wondered if I’d really use it.  My thought was it might be nice to have an outdoor shower after a long day of cutting the meadows or working in the garden, but then I thought the water would be too cold and I wouldn’t use it.  Wrong.  If I had one of these I’d be standing under it now!


  1. I've always wanted an outdoor shower. But I live in Minnesota, and not in a lake cabin, so it's not really the right venue for such things.

  2. a few images here i really like. i esp like the old tin bathtub and the last one is alright, i guess.


  3. i predict atlanta will be a desert by 2015.

    that last shower looks promising.

  4. That last one works out. The architecture is noteworthy.

  5. i've always been a fan of the outdoor shower myself, and these photos look cool and refreshing... well, except that last one- that one looks a bit toasty;)

    'your friend',

  6. There is no showering substitute for the outdoor shower. Nothing turns the task toward pleasure, and real assimilation of soothing refreshment as the incomparably ventilated, spaciously unencumbered and emotionally unrestricted out-of-doors shower, which (as you show) draws great support of delight from the site. And, as Joan says, from the company. A great and irresistibly happy posting -- I particularly enjoyed the [accidental?] notion of "striping" naked, not merely stripping naked. One must look into that.

  7. The last shower is the best! I have an outdoor shower (Garden hose hung over a mulberry tree overlooking the desert) Now if only I could get a hold of the accessory that goes under the shower as shown in the last picture! drool drool!


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