Wednesday, June 29, 2011

London Loft

When I find great images of rooms or houses I like, I file them away for future inspiration.  Before I started the blog I paid little attention to the photographer's name.  But, now I always try to give photo credit in my posts.  This has caused me to realize many shelter magazine images are photographed by a small group of interior photographers. 

One name that shows up often is Simon Upton.  Strangely enough so many of the images I find myself attracted to are photographed by him.  I’m not sure if it’s how he photographs a room or the type of interiors he shoots. 

Today I was flipping through back issues of Elle Décor, noticed I had previously earmarked a London loft and realized it was the home of Simon Upton.  It’s easy to see why I like it – the primitive pieces mixed with modern, traditional and updated, casual formality, and of course it’s styled to death but doesn’t look it. 

Photos by Simon Upton…of course…


  1. I love a lot of it particuarly the bedroom with the tent.

  2. one of my old favorites too..


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