Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Don't Wear Yellow

I keep electronic and paper folders of images I like, use for inspiration and ideas I want to steal.  One image I've had for awhile is this one and I really don't know why.  I'm not a big fan of yellow.  It's just hard to look good in yellow.  Years ago I had a Tommy Hilfiger mustard shirt and for some odd reason I deeply LOVED it.  I usually wore it with black slacks or dark jeans.  I looked like a bee.  One evening my staff took me out for drinks to celebrate a recent promotion.  After a few cocktails their heart felt advice to me on how to move forward in the corporate world was to 'never wear that ugly yellow shirt again.  It makes you look green!" They were a harsh group.  But for some reason I've always liked this image.  Maybe it's due to my sunny disposition!  But, I think it's because I like the pieces, the contrast and the graphic quality and it has nothing to do with the color.  I basically have that same table only larger in my dining room.  I like the bench against the wall and of course I like the mix of these traditional pieces against the over-sized contemporary art.  This room is from Daryl Carter and I believe I snagged it from Elle Decor. 

Yesterday I had an hour or so to kill between meetings so I dashed by a few of my favorite haunts on Atlanta's Westside and I found this in a consignment shop.  It was priced at $1,600.  Only because I was in a less-than-my-normal-angry mood I actually engage Shop Boy and mentioned I had seen a similar piece in a Daryl Carter room.  Shop Boy told me Daryl Carter "is in often and they've sold him quite a few things in the past"...hmmmm...DC designer...ATL Westside...I don't know....


  1. Love yellow but not on clothing. In Amsterdam we had a yellow dining room that caught the westerly sun and just glowed. We used one tube of chrome yellow gouache, diluted, to wash the walls twice and then varnished it - this was the 1980s and glazing had just come back into fashion again.

  2. Maybe it's just me but I think that painting is hung upside-down.

  3. hold on...you bought it right?
    which shop were you in...please tell me it wasn't savvy snoot. those queens are big time assholes.

  4. I'm guessing it's Savvy Snoot. I'm in Atlanta this week and plan to stop there tomorrow on my way to the aiport. Fun to catch your post on this. I"m back in Atlanta in Aug and my trip corresponds w/Scott - well at least I'll be able to go on the Thursday afternoon after set-up for a few hours before catching my flight.

  5. okay- I have to ask.... have you started drinking before writing posts?? these are hysterical!! so, if the answer is yes, then please have another and Cheers:)!

    I've never been a Yellow fan- (says the woman who just unpacked 7 antique "yellow" confit jars to the new storage room;) not in interiors and espeically in flowers, and gawd forbid in shrubs (they always look like they're dying to me). But, like you, I am very attracted to this painting! I think Steve is right, it is upside down!!



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