Friday, June 10, 2011

Granada Villa

I have said many times before I'm a column and hedge kinda guy.  So you can easily understand my excitement when I saw this!  It's a villa in the city of Granada.  The villa complex was designed by Jose Maria Rodriguez-Acosta who was an early 20th century painter.  The photo to the right is a statue of Apollo against a cypress hedge.  The marble colonnade was discovered by the artist in a coach house in Madrid and moved to the site.  The complex and gardens were developed in the early 20th century, designed to be a place of work, rest and recreation.  I could work, rest and recreate here with absolutely no problem. My favorite sentence in the article about this villa reads "Around every corner, your eye is caught by a cluster of putti, a goddess in drapery or a nude god on a high pedestals - sights complemented by the sound effects of burbling fountains and jets spurting over a reflecting pool." So, in other words, it's just another Alabama trailer park. 

Photography is by Ricardo Labougle from The World of Interiors - May 2009. 


  1. i am entranced by that perfectly shaped dumper.

  2. omg. i have died and gone to heaven wth those boxwoods! gorgeous!


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