Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Trumpet Vine Canopy

We have a lot of shit that’s just lying around.  My garage is full.  I can’t squeeze another thing in that building.  So, I’m always trying to use the stuff I have just to de-clutter & to recycle.  Last year, wanting some shade in the vegetable garden I rebuilt a metal frame of an old shade tarp.  It used to cover some building materials behind the guest house, but during some really bad storms it got twisted up against some pine trees.  I probably should have just tossed it out, but piling it in the garage (along with all the other broken and collected stuff) was easier than hauling it off. 

I cut the pieces and ‘planted’ it in the middle of the garden.  I covered the top with a roll of left over wire fencing and started some trumpet vine on each pole.  As you can see it’s almost completely covered and has bloomed out in a big way. 

Do I get repurposing points?  Eat your heart out Al Gore.


  1. I'll try not to be bitter after you outed my dining room.

    This looks great! Genius really. I love how it frames the view of the gate and cypress/arborvitae? trees. I was envisioning something similar to this, only more permament, at your poolside.

  2. love it. and yes you get points in my book. too bad that has absolutley no effect on your life. sorry.


  3. gorgeous.
    Love those classic vintage chairs, too!

  4. never knew i wanted the metal skeleton of a shade tarp.......great. it can set in my garage, which houses nothing but future projects....everything but cars.
    brilliant, and the pea gravel, bravo!

  5. Going GAGA over your greenhouse in the background. Oh to have the space. Love the trumpet vine growing over your re-purposed treasure! Gore-gous. LOL!


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