Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Highpoint Drive By

I was at the Spring Highpoint Furniture Market last week.  I always post my interpretation of the market trends.  I’m sure you’ve already seen other blogs about the Highpoint trends.  I’ve been traveling over the past couple of weeks, so my posts have been pre-scheduled, which makes this one a little after the fact.  So, I’m only going to concentrate on the things I found most interesting for two reasons.  

One, I got a late start and lost a day due to an unfortunate encounter with Law Enforcement over an expired car tag.  [Side note:  I may go to court and fight it since my tag expired on March 31 and I was apprehended on April 3.  But, I also didn’t have proof of insurance with me and I’m not sure if my excuse that I was busy in Vegas for a week and now rushing to see the latest furniture and accessory trends will hold up in court.]

The second reason is that as I expected there was no real change from October’s market to this market in the overall trend point of view.  If I had to pick one theme, it would continue to be what I call Industrial Chic & Euro Vintage.  It’s still out there in a big way.  I’ve decided it is a better and reinvented version of the Cottage trend from the 90’s – remember Beach Side Cottage, Country Cottage, and Shabby Chic Cottage.  Those hung around for years and so will this.  Which is fine.  Like I’ve said before there are parts I really like – the linen, farmhouse chic, and some of the vintage.  Just remember I also said – moderation. 

Chicken Feeder Lamps from Tritter Feefer
One other side note on trend - due to my run in with the Law I only had about ¾ of a day at the market and generally just walked the temporary spaces and only a few of the designer and larger showrooms.  Although, as I noted Industrial Chic & Euro Vintage was still very prevalent, there seemed to be one other thing emerging.  I noticed a move toward more refinement - a little more glamour & sophistication. 

Is it the next big thing?  I don’t know.  I’m not sure there is a next big thing.  Home style has gone the way of fashion.  Think about it.  It’s now OK to mix a $30 H&M skirt with a $600 designer jacket.  There is no regard for combining price point or style in fashion or home style any longer.  We’re all exposed to everything, so it’s really only a matter of personal style.  Anything goes and you can put anything together…as long as you like it. 

This outdoor lounger is from Seasonal Living and is beyond

and there's a side chair and ottoman version

the photo does not do this justice.  This sculpture holds candles
and is from Belle Luna.  Beautiful!

I love these pieces from Prints Charming Soho

Also from PCS these are old parchment sheets.  I have a box of
100 year old bank sheets from the original AJ Barnes store and
I'm trying to decide how to use them...

Nice shape and design

I always love a good over sized map...

these chairs are kinda snappy from Mr. Brown

The next four pics are from Lowcountry Originals.  It's all very AJBarnes.
All their designs are great...and she'll do a custom piece for my
dining room...

The rest of the photos are from the new antique section ...these are great chairs...

I love this mirror, but I got yelled at for photographing it. 
she was a bitch...

Zsa Zsa

and one of my favorites...these were huge.  the largest was about 6 feet in diameter...


  1. In my state if you're caught with an expired tag, they tow your car and leave you on the side of the road. That's SO much safer, right?

    Love the iron urn thingies in the first photo. Not sure what I would do with them other than dust them once a week. Love the lights too.

  2. Everything in moderation. Trying to keep that in mind for the new house... esp when I find something that I love. I don't want it to scream trendy.

    Thanks for the photos... esp of the lighting. I am at a standstill for light fixtures for the new house.


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