Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Dining Porch

I have another project I’m about to start.  I know, I know.  I haven’t finished the last one yet, but I’ve been out of town a lot, and we’ve had a lot of rain, and I had to finish watching season one of the Tudors. But, I’ll get the Garden Shed done at some point.  Besides, I worked on the Garden Shed for 3 full days.  That was a record and it’s coming along nicely… slowly, but there is progress.  I WILL finish that shed – someday.

In the meantime, it’s Spring so my thoughts start moving off the sofa and outside.  We have a nice little covered porch off the back of the kitchen.  On the architect’s plans for the house, he noted it as the ‘Dining Porch’.  Considering I don’t use my dining room (because I have to eat in front of the television since it takes a long time to watch a full season of The Tudors), I not sure I’d ever use the porch for outdoor dining. 

Currently, it’s empty for the most part.  I have two modern black chairs out there now.  They’re only used by our two brain damaged cats, who spend their entire existence perched on the back of those chairs staring into the kitchen door.  Even though it’s covered, the porch still gets full morning sun with no shade until after noon, so it’s too hot to step foot out there until the evenings. 

I’m debating (with myself of course – and that’s a struggle) on whether I make it more of an outdoor living room or a dining area. 

I love the fourth photo, and if I had that table and chairs, there would be no question.  But, I’m afraid as a dining area, I’d not use it enough.  Unless…I installed an outdoor TV so I could watch season two of The Tudors. Now that’s a thought!

But, if I turned it into a living room and particularly with a ‘lounge’ feel to it, I could pile up there on the weekend mornings with coffee and write my blog postings and watch season three of The Tudors. 

I’m looking for suggestions.

These first 3 photos are of my infamous porch. 
Don't get concerned about that gray cabinet.
It's making it's way out of there!

Outdoor drapes are a must have!

Lounge or dine?
And surprise...a big mirror!

I need to incorporate plants - in mass!


I have a lot of white already, but it works!

I like the matching pots on the steps  (bigger would be bigger)
and the potted trees.


  1. Love the idea of an outdoor living room. It looks like a challenging space though with three doors opening on to it. Love the look and feel of the place with the large mirror but the one you labeled "perfection" is indeed something that would work for that space.

  2. i just found you in a roundabout way through steve sitting there above me. and i'm glad i did.


  3. Confederate Jasmine...lots of it wrapped around that lovely column...of course, you'd have to cut a hole in the steps to plant it but it would be fantastic and smell so sweet you wouldn't need sugar in your coffee!

  4. ur house is amazing. and if you put a tv on that thing i am so coming over.

  5. don't feel bad... my next door neighbor hasn't finished his shed and it's been 2 years now!! I'm liking the photos with the water... could you add a pond?!;)
    I like the idea of a dual purpose setting- maybe two chairs with ottomans (lounge) and a small table so that you could eat there, or at least put a glass of wine when watching season 3!
    tv's on the porch were big when we lived in Dallas- I think you should so do that!!

    p.s. do the kitties just want in??

  6. LOVE that last image!! And of course, the first two of your porch. I dream of a porch one day - for now I'll have to settle for the pergola. Which, by the way, I do use curtains on. Buy them, you won't regret it! :)



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