Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stone Face

I think everybody needs at least one bust of a dead person in their house. I wish I had one. It’s not that I don’t practice what I preach; its just I haven’t found the right dead person yet. There seems to be plenty of busts of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson or Julius Caesar but I want a bust of someone good looking. I took this picture when we were in Rome at the Ara Pacis. I think its Augustus, but I don’t remember. He’s kind of hot. But, since the Ara Pacis is a museum of sorts, it wasn’t for sale and the security was rather heavy so slipping it under my jacket wasn’t an option.

So, I’m still looking. There also seem to be a lot of bust available of fancy old English or French guys, but they’re too gay, even for me. I lean towards more classical Greek or Roman design so Emperors or Gods work best. Unfortunately, most of them have big noses or are just to rough looking. If I knew a sculptor I’d have him make me a bust of Daniel Craig with a laurel wreath on his head and the hint of a toga on his shoulder. I doubt anyone would recognize that it was Daniel Craig in Greek drag. But, I don’t know a decent sculptor, so I’ll just have to keep on looking.



photo credit Alex Ramsay

photo credit Bill Batten

photo credit Bill Batten

photo credit Grey Crawford

photo credit Grey Crawford

Josh McHugh

photo credit Laura Resen

photo credit Michael Partenio

photo credit Richard Felber

photo credit Timothy Kolk


and the Queen of Busts, Miss Stone Face 2010


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