Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Grey Trellises

Today I’m obsessed with fretwork and trellis.  Mix that with my favorite color which is grey and you can see why I’m mesmerized with these photos.  I can’t decide if this idea is way too much and I would be tired of it in about a week or if it’s just major chic.   

These are custom made panels, so I’m not about to run out tomorrow and buy a truck load of MDF and break out the power saws – yet.  But, there could just be an idea here. 

From British House & Garden 2007.

photo credit Bill Batten


  1. I like it. Might be fun to try with paint. The dimensionally aspect seems like seems like it would be a dust factory.

  2. Thibaut needs to pay attention here ... this would be a fabulous wallpaper, don't you think? Like Steve said, I think that it might be a little dusty to use actual lattice ... and the work and intricacy of getting lattice with so much detail. It does give me a good idea though .... hmmmmm


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