Monday, March 21, 2011

Morning Sunlight

When I made my way down stairs first thing Monday morning (well it was first thing for me), C had already gotten up and open the drapes.  The back of our house is mostly doors, lots of them; which means there are lots of drapes.  The house was perfectly situated on this site 200 years ago to clearly take advantage of the sun.  The morning sun rises directly due east perfectly positioned to center it’s light on the rear center hall doors and sits perfectly on the front center hallway double doors.  The borrowed light is amazing and warms the house in the fall and winter, but it heats up like a furnace in the spring and summer, hence the small huge fortune we’ve spent on drapes.  All too often we keep them closed.  So this morning the first thing I noticed was the sunlight beaming on the rear center hall table and a purple orchid.  Of course, everything in the house is grey, black or more grey so there’s not a lot of what most people consider color.  But, I thought I’d take advantage of the morning light and see how many brilliant colors I could find inside and outside during my first cup of coffee. 









  1. Many thanks for your kind comment over at Nero this afternoon.
    It's thoughtful statements like that from kind readers such as yourself that keep me from waking up one fine morning and pulling the plug Sylvia Plath-style on The Nero Chronicles ;)
    Just wanted to pop in and let you know I was most touched.
    Cheers and best, Alcira


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