Tuesday, March 8, 2011

JK Place Firenze

One of our best friends is obsessed with Italy.  Which actually I guess is better than being obsessed with porn or cocaine.  She vacations there every chance she gets.  She’s learned the language, understands the scene and knows her way around.  Consistently she sends me emails that reference Italy, some more subtle than others.  It might be a blog posting, a link to a magazine article or like in this case a link to a hotel she’s found.  These are her ways of dropping hints that we need to be planning a trip.  A group of us went to Florence, Tuscany and then to Rome several years ago and I have to say that it was the best trip ever!  And, having a glamorous friend to travel with who likes to serve as tour guide, is mega fun, speaks the language and best of all appreciates the food and wine is priceless. 

I normally would not be doing postings about Italy, since unfortunately it’s about as far away from the concept of AJ Barnes as imaginable, but when I saw photographs of the Florence hotel on their site I loved it.  It’s very much my ideal.  Of course you know, I’m all about the mix of old and new, modern and traditional and JK Place manages to do just that.  So I thought I’d share. 

And who knows…maybe there will be a trip at some point again.  And that I will write about! 

FIRENZE - Piazza Santa Maria Novella, 7 - Firenze
Tel. +39.055.2645181 Fax +39.055.2658387



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