Monday, November 8, 2010

Taste VS. State

There are days when I have no idea what my next blog posting is going to be and today was one of those days, but then something just fell into my lap.  I want this blog to be a design and lifestyle blog.  It’s not about pop or celebrity culture, so bare with me here.  I want to see what Lady Gaga is doing as much as the next guy, but I’m not interested in writing about it.  But, today I’m going to blur the lines a bit.

We all know that C and I are foodies.  The Food Network and Cooking Channel are default stations in our home of endless streaming media and are only surpassed by MSNBC and HGTV.  But, I guess we are ‘old time’ Food Network fans.  It takes us a while to warm up to the new ‘celebrity’ chefs, if we warm up to them at all.  Generally we stick with Ina and Giada.  I can’t handle Rachel Ray and as much as I love Paula Deen, a little of her goes a very long way.  Besides, who needs all those calories?  Any day now I expect her to roll a stick of butter in mayo and panko and deep fry it, if she hasn’t already.  But, of all the old and new food stars the one that pushes me over the edge the most is that Sandra Lee. 

I try not to watch her show, but on rare occasions I stumble across it.  I really could not tell you much about the food.  I suspect it’s generally hit or miss.  I don’t pay attention to the food because I can’t get passed her kitchen decorating schemes and those damn table scapes.  But, it seems she does like her cocktails, so I have to give her points for that!

I know I’m not the first person to blog about this and will certainly not be the last.  Since my opinion of Sandra seems to be a common point of view with much of the world you may be wondering why I am even writing about her.  As I mentioned, I generally do not write about pop culture, but Sandra Lee is headed to a governor's mansion.  Really! 

I was completely floored this morning when C told me she was the girlfriend of the New York Governor elect Andrew Cuomo.  I didn’t believe him and immediately ran to my office and googled ‘Andrew Cuomo girlfriend’ and sure enough guess who pops up.  Amazing!  I should have known this.  Besides being a foodie, we are also political junkies!  How did I miss this little pop culture political nugget, especially since Cuomo was running for the office and in the news long before I moved back from NYC?  She’s going to be the ‘First Lady in Waiting’ for the state of New York.  Unbelievable!

I never thought about it, but I certainly would have pegged her as a card carrying Tea Partier. 

According to the New York Post, ‘Lee, a Food Network host and author who boasts a product line, did say last year she'd bring her creative cuisine to the executive mansion.’ 

"I will cook. And do you know what I'm going to bring when I get to the governor's mansion? Great garnishes," says Lee.

I am not an OMG person, but OMG!  I can tell you that Ina did the Kitchen of the Year at Rockefeller Center last year and she writes for House Beautiful.  And, I generally keep up with what Giada is doing, but I guess I’m going to have to pay more attention to what Sandra is up to now!  I’m just floored I missed this. I have got to start reading more pop culture blogs. I may have to move back to NYC just for the entertainment!

And just to show that the universe works in mysterious ways, before I could even finish writing this blog the day's mail came and in it was my December copy of Town and Country with Ina Garten on the cover.  I don't care who Sandra Lee is sleeping with, she's never going to be on the cover of Town and Country!

I pulled some photos from the Food Network site that best represent both Ina and Sandra.  Taste VS State.  You do the math! 

I have no idea what has been happening while David Patterson has been stumbling around the Governor’s mansion, but I know what will be going on when Sandra moves in.  Below are some of Sandra’s work that I’m sure will be showcased at many of the upcoming NY gubernatorial events. Good luck New York, I'll be thinking about you!

Under no circumstances are these images of Sandra’s ‘work’ supported by A.J. Barnes or any of our associates.  In fact, if any of you support this, then stop reading.  A.J. Barnes is not for you!  We’ll never make you happy!

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  1. Brilliant!!!!!!! Yes, Ina is my hero and Sandra, not sure what to say but you hit the nail on the head! Bravo!


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