Monday, November 15, 2010

The Gold Standard

I’m all about metal today, specifically gold metal.  It could be because I woke up this morning and realized that the holiday season is now just a week away.  Or that I just returned yesterday from a trip to Palm Springs and was still affected by the glitz and glamour.  But, the idea of gold banded, mesh or woven metal accents have caught my attention - again.  Actually, that’s nothing new.  Shiny things have always been on the top of my list and even though the influence of silver in home furnishings has been dominant over the past years, gold will always be my ever faithful standby. 

I keep tear sheets on trends or ideas I see which I find interesting.  I do this not only because of my obsession with design, but I refer back to them when I’m working on ideas for the house or more recently for design inspiration when I’m working with a client.  Here are just a few of some things out of the ‘gold’ file.

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