Friday, November 5, 2010

Storm King

I have to admit these photos are not taken here in the south, but I thought they were quite beautiful and should be shared.  A good friend took them on a recent visit to Storm King in New York State. 

Widely known as one of the world's outstanding sculpture parks, Storm King Art Center is located approximately one hour north of New York City, in New York's Hudson Valley. Storm King's permanent collection of sculpture, dating from 1945 to the present, includes works by many of the twentieth century's most influential artists, integrated into a pristine, 500-acre landscape of rolling hills, fields, and woodlands.”   

My friend is currently all caught up in the Fall beauty of the Northeast.  I’m not sure whether it’s because she lives in Westport, Connecticut and is possibly moving back south, so she’s soaking in the environment and savoring every moment; or whether she’s channeling Barbara Parkins as Anne Welles.  Remember her from Valley of the Dolls.  She was the very stylish heroine.  I think of the scene where she strolls a tree lined Fall New England street with Lyon Burke and later as she walks through the winter snow in her mink coat.  My friend already has the fur coat and a closet full of Bergdoff shoes, so I think that has got to be the case!

Learn more about Storm King Art Center at

photo credit: Georgia Christensen

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