Monday, November 1, 2010

Highpoint Fall Market

Recently I was in Highpoint, NC for the fall furniture market.  While there I spent extra time walking the market to search out the latest home décor and furniture trends.  Overall this market was very similar to the spring market.  The overwhelming and obvious trends are still the whole Industrial Vintage theme and it’s more sophisticated sister, I call Gustavian Chic, which consists of gray and neutral linen upholstery, dark walls and found objects.  Although the furniture in the second trend is certainly more formal, the two trends play well off each other and I’m seeing a lot more redefined Industrial Vintage accessories mixed into the Gustavian Chic theme.  But, buyer beware!  The only noticeable difference between the fall and spring markets was the amount of both of these trends.  Last Spring both trends were most noticeable in the temporary vendor statements.  At this fall market, they had begun to spread into the permanent showrooms and even a few of the widely distributed and moderate vendor collections.  That means it’s only a matter of time before it’s in Target!  But, all the new stores currently focusing on these trends (and there are a lot of them) don’t need to worry yet.  Although it’s making its way through the wholesale market, it is still a few years away from being over saturated. 

For me the sad thing is I like both of these so I hate to see them go main stream.  I’m already irritated because the Swedish gray green finish on my three year old kitchen cabinets is now everywhere!  But, like any trend the good pieces and ideas will surface to the top and have staying power.  The key is to understand what those are.  And, it’s not too early to think about what’s next.  I’m going out on a limb here and predicting the next big thing, even though I did not see one cohesive statement at the market.  I’m calling it Eclectic Salon.  It’s not as formal as the Gustavian Chic theme, but it does have a European vibe.  It is more refined and less accessible than Industrial Vintage, but it also builds off of the found object. The look and the products are more defined and global.  I have a feeling you will be hearing more about this from me!

Below are a few things that caught my attention at the Highpoint Fall Market.


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