Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Your Cat Should Match Your House

OK, so we all know that your art does not have to match your sofa, but I do believe your cat should match your house. Or at least he or she should coordinate!

We are dog people. Actually, I guess we are both, but the dog reins supreme – or is at least allowed to live in the house. Let me go ahead and apologize to all the cat lovers out there now. One of our best friends is a passionate cat lover and has issues with us that our cats are outdoor only. Sorry about that, but my partner is insanely alergic to felines. Also, the cats have a job to do. They must protect the exterior of the house and the surrounding yard from farm varmints. Every farm needs a few mousers.

Over the years we have always had a couple of farm cats around. Actually, if I were a cat, I think I would like living here. It is really like kitty Disneyland. Lots of birds, chipmunks and field mice to harass and plenty of protected places to lounge.

Over the years there’s been a couple of cat groups. First there was the ‘Rat Pack’. Four kittens donated to the farm from an unwanted home – Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr, Dean Martin, & Liza Minelli. Frank and Dean decided to leave the farm early on, but Sammy and Liza lived on the farm for years.

After the ‘Rat Pack’ came the Zoolander phase
- the twins, Harrycat and Alliecat. They were
aesthetically purfect, but probably not the smartest
cats in town. Actually, I should retract that statement.
Harry Cat managed to have a very long life here on
the farm, and certainly earned his keep. He lived over
8 years, and 8 years, as an outside farm cat is like
200 in human years. But, unfortunately last spring
we found him peacefully ‘asleep’ under a pecan tree.

So this time around, I had decided that I wanted an orange cat so I could name it Pinestraw. And yes, I understand that sometimes my priorities are not in order.

There is only one Vet in our county. His office cares for everything from the family pet, to farm pigs, to riding horses so there is always some abandon animal there who is looking for a home. If you are willing to provide a good home for a needy animal, the Vet is always willing to discount treatment. But, It’s not like going to the pet store and getting the pick of the litter. So you take what you can get. Upon my recent visit my options were 3 gray & white kittens. All 3 had been either abandoned at the Vet’s office or dropped off to be put to sleep. One was 4 weeks old and had been mauled by a dog. One was 4 weeks old and had lost its mother, suffering from malnutrition, eyes matted shut, and the other left at the Vet’s doorstep in a cardboard box. When I brought them home they were a motley crew at best.

“But at least they matched the house”, says Partner.

Pinestraw would have clashed.

This time we went with a ‘B’ theme for the names, do not ask me why!
Bandit, Biscuit, & Beauregard.

Now, weeks later, they are actually turning out to be attractive enough cats, call me shallow, but that is important! (Actually I am still a little concerned about Biscuit. She still looks pretty goofy.) But, I am sure this new group will also become mighty hunters, once they decide to leave the back porch!



  1. Without a doubt your animals should match your house! At one point, our dog and cat matched each other - black and white border collie and a black and white tuxedo cat.


  2. Randy, love your new blog and you know LOVE this article. Totally agree with you as all of our cats match our house too!


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