Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Got Recipes?

We were ‘foodies’ long before The Food Network or Top Chef came along. In fact we were ‘foodies’ even before the term ‘foodies’ was coined. My Partner started collecting cookbooks from the time we set up household. At first the need was based on the premise of a cookbook. We needed it to know how to make a particular dish, generally for either complicated items or to try and reproduce a family favorite. Quickly we had mastered the basics.

The beginning of the collection came about due to me being from the south and having a God fearing mother. She often provided numerous editions of ‘church lady’ cookbooks. From there we advanced to the Junior League. After becoming great friends with a ‘junior leaguer’ who was a neighbor of our first house, my partner began collecting Junior League cookbooks from every city we visited – more as a novelty than as cooking inspiration – beside you only need so many casserole recipes and the Church Ladies had that covered!

As our taste and abilities expanded so did our library. Then along came the Food Network and a plethora of online recipe sites which left us with hundreds of pages of printed recipes that we had tested. And the collection does not end there. We are also magazine whores. We collect (hoard); which means we still have every copy of years of subscriptions of Food & Wine, Gourmet, and all the others.

So, periodically we will post the best or in most cases our re-adaptation of our favorites.

Bon’ Appetite!

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