Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My beach house

Here’s my new beach house.

In my last posting I noted we took a few days and visited Beaufort, SC.  I was a little nervous when C first booked our accommodations at what appeared to be a motel.  It is called City Loft Hotel and actually, I guess it’s still a ‘motel’ by definition, but it’s been completely remodeled and was quite nice and comfortable.  Someone has done a great job of turning a basic motel into a hip little hotel.  If you plan a trip to the Carolina coast, check out CLH.  Its one block from Beaufort’s downtown shopping and borders the city’s history district.

Everyone knows my fascination with historic houses so one morning we took a walk around Beaufort’s ‘Point’.  I was surprised the number of houses for sale.  How many buyers are out there for huge two hundred year old houses in a sleepy little southern coastal town? 

So, quickly our walk became a self guided tour of house shopping.

“Which one should we buy?”
“How about that one?”

Finally, we decided on one called The Castle.  It sits on a full city block and its north side borders the river.  It has a pier also about a city block long extending through the marsh, which will be great for docking the boat(s) I’m planning to purchase.  I over heard a horse drawn carriage tour guide say it was the most photographed house in America.  I’ll have to get some security.  I cannot tolerate the paparazzi.

C found a virtual tour of the house and its listing on line.  For some reason many of the rooms are painted bright yellow – not one of my colors!  But, once I get my Farrow & Ball color palette happening, the house’s interior it will be just fine.  The asking price is $3.75 million, which I think is well worth it.  I’m going to write a check as soon as I can find my check book. 

Here are some photos of my new beach house and a few of the other ones that I liked. 


  1. We have the same taste, girl! Beach houses make me homesick. I lived and grew up near the beach, actually. But I left our beach house after I got married, that's why I miss beach living A LOT!

  2. You're very fortunate to own this house. This is the kind of house that you would only see in the movies. I think that is one good investment for you because if you will sell this in the future, it's gonna be a lot of money. Much like of an antique. The older it gets, the higher the value it has. Keep on posting cool stuff.

    Calvin Mordarski @City Block Team


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