Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I should not be allowed to spend too much time with certain friends.

One of my best friends is thinking about taking a new job and relocating to Dallas. We have been having many conversations laying the ground work for her new house's design plan. She has not been offered a job, in fact her first interview is today! So, as usual our planning could be a tad premature. We have a tendency to spin each other into a 'what if' design whirlwind!

But, she has stumbled on an opportunity to buy a 1920's original Tudor in one of the oldest and most prestigious Dallas neighborhoods. The house has great bones, but its dark and needs to be updated. She and her husband are not the heavy dark wood types - they are really the more painted white wood, bowl of green apples, fabulous artwork types. Not to mention that the last time the house was updated was in the 1980's so not only is it dark, but the wall to wall carpet match the fringed drapes that match the sofa that match the wall paper. So, the challenge is how to bring this fantastic house into the present while respecting its authenticity?

While rummaging through ideas for her, I remembered a book I picked up five or six years ago. The Private House by Rose Tarlow. It's the perfect look for this house. Although the book never admits it, but much of the content is based on one estate in Beverly Hills. The original house was built by film magnet Jack Warner. Movie Mogul David Geffen bought the house and commissioned Tarlow to do the complete renovation. It took eight years before Geffen moved into the house.

In June's issue of Elle Decor it listed her as one of their 'Masters of Designs' and said of her style..."smart modern furniture, handsome antiques with a well oiled patina, and strong sense of emotion and mood" and called Private House required reading.

I love how she mixes pieces into a seemingly effortless design. Here are some images from the book.

I hope my friend gets the job. I would love to work on her house.

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  1. Randolfo...fantastic the new brand! And I'm hoping there will be a hat for sale somewhere in the AJBarnes mix! A big ol' "it's so hot hoeing this corn" kind of hat...


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