Monday, December 17, 2012

Stop Stairing At Me

When I was a kid I always wanted to live in a two story house. My parents bought and sold a lot of houses, but we always ended up in a one story ranch. My father believed staircases resulted in 'wasted space'. Now as an adult I still don't really have a great staircase. Even though I live in the old plantation house the staircase is steep and narrow - not any thing like the one Scarlett tumbled down. I had been collecting these photos as inspiration for my next house's staircase. However, I've now decided that my next house will be on one level. Not because I'm concerned about wasted space (sorry dad), but I don't want to worry about my future knee replacement or spending my 401k on one of those old people chair elevators! At least I'm thinking ahead.
But, if you need stair inspiration these are good ones!


  1. did you see what jenny (little green notebook) did with her awful stairs? she really did a great job. prettiest stair fix up i've ever seen.

  2. with the aging boomers, there could be a market for decorative old people elevator chairs. that's it, my advice for the day....

  3. I have a bad heart and have avoided stairs all my life. But if I were going to put in a staircase I would go for a circular staircase. They are mysterious in a very pleasant way, take up the least space and look good in pictures.


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