Monday, December 3, 2012

Paper White Cocktails

Last year I had paper white problems.  For some reason I decided to ignore conventional wisdom and wait until early December to plant the bulbs.  I was convinced they would be bloomed out by Christmas. 

I was wrong. 

My paper whites came into full bloom starting a few days after New Years and lasted until mid January.  So, anyone visiting my house in the month of December was greeted with green stalks.   All of our January guests – of which there were none – would have gotten a lovely paper white experience.  In fact I think I was even out of town the week they were at their peek. 

So, this year I planted them on Thanksgiving weekend.  So far so good. It appears they will be just right in time by Xmas week.  As long as they don’t get to leggy and fall over.

Last year I remember seeing ‘An Urban Cottage’ 
( mention how to controll the legginess.  Steve posted an article in January which illustrated how to use bit of gin (or vodka or tequila – although I’d never waste good tequila on a dish of paper whites) to stunt the growth of the stems while not effecting the blooms.  When the stems are up about 3" water them with 1 shot of alcohol to a 1 cup of water.  Then repeat the next time you water. Seems like one side effect was the faint smell of alcohol mixed with the paper white scent.  I look forward to that!  My paper whites got there first shot of Tanqueray this past Sunday.  I guess you could consider it a sort of a Sunday brunch. 

They are looking forward to a festive holiday season.



  1. I just gave mine a shot of Blue Sapphire for Sunday brunch.

    Love the urn!

  2. I admire you two. I can't grow a thing.

    Looks like Christmas will be fragrant and lovely in the Barnes house!

  3. once again time is not on my side. my bulbs as i write are still in the garage molding.
    stunning vignette with your urn!

  4. A glance at one of your pictures and I thought that is the perfect solution to the Paperwhites falling over, plant then in with candle sticks. What a great idea. Then realized I had been fooled by reflection. But I am still going to use the idea which I think quite clever. What I can't decide is it your idea or mine! Ann


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