Sunday, July 8, 2012

Organic Veggie Babies

As you can see, there's a fresh tomato sauce in my future!

I haven't done a post about this year's vegetable and perennial garden.  Well, actually I haven't done a post about much over the last couple of months because I've been too damn busy!  But, regardless of my lack of communication, the garden has had a pretty good year so far.  Starting with a bumper crop of asparagus in March and now with a variety of peppers, beans and especially tomatoes we've had fresh organic vegetables all spring and summer.

C started tomatoes from seeds this year.  Which was something we thought would be beyond anything we were capable of managing.  We assumed tomato seedlings would need tender love and care, much attention and nutrition - sort of like a child.  Which means we would not be capable of growing tomatoes from seed!  But, surprisingly the seeds came up and survived in spite of their neglectful parents.  Actually, C was a pretty good tomato parent and as a result of his paternal plant instinct we now have boat loads of tomatoes. 


  1. well i am out of touch, saw a "new" post only to realize it is 2 weeks old!
    so, to my favorite blogger, bravo! as a master gardener it would never have occurred to me to start tomato SEEDS, but then again i too am not a parent.

    your garden is so luscious.....was in atlanta last week for the gift show & scots, your weather was much cooler than chicago and you had rain every night! i should move from this hot, humid, desert-like place

  2. Your garden is amazing! I love following along on all of your projects - I am so impressed. Love your blog.


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