Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Empty Entrance Halls

These first two pics are of my entrance hall.  I've mentioned a hundred times (and have done a couple of posts over the past 2 years) one day I'm going to turn it into a design master piece.  But, for now and probably the foreseeable future it will stay the minimalist empty space it is!  However, just to prove I do think about it here are a couple of ideas.

I've been collecting these images for awhile and now that I re-look at them, I realize the majority lean in the minimalist direction.   Maybe I'm on the right track to begin with.  Great!  One more thing I can check off the list.

For now anyway...


  1. oh the possibilities.........
    with your splendid eye it will be stunning

  2. I wonder how many people actually use their entrance hall - entering as one is likely to do, in the suburbs, through a garage door to the kitchen. I like a hall to be as sparely furnished and elegantly utilitarian as possible.

    Our hall , admittedly in a high-rise, is of necessity used every day and is furnished with a rug, a bench and an individually-framed 20-piece map of 17th century Paris - oh, and the recycling bags that always seem to need taking out of the door.

    A digression: have you ever seen what was the entrance hall, now merely an ante-room, at the Morgan Library in New York?

  3. Love the zebra rug! The spears and swords may be a little too much though.

  4. Our stairway is very narrow, so as not to give the feeling of crowding when walking up the stairs I have left them empty (also did this in our upstairs hallway), and I rather like the look and feel- like a sorbet for all the other elements around it!
    happy weekend!

  5. It seems that you could perk up your entry hall very easily with 3 items:

    1) A mirror at eye level (one always need to make a last minute check before heading out the door - lettuce on teeth, etc.)
    2) A light on the table or perhaps a pair of sconces on either side of the mirror
    3) A potted plant or a flower arrangement on the table

    Fast, inexpensive and entirely within your minimalist sensibilities. :)


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