Monday, August 6, 2012

My favorite thing this week

I admit I'm a foodie.
But, I don't go over board and try and keep it simple.

Here a good reason why...


  1. While I don't object to originality, I tend to prefer the tried-and-true that has been lovingly prepared.

  2. I love good food - plain food, fancy food, home-cooked meals, restaurant meals. What I absolutely ABHORE is food that has been decorated, fiddled with or artfully arranged, or food that has been made with weird combinations of ingredients simply so the chef can show off.

  3. I must admit I'm over art on a plate and the older I get the simpler I like my food. Still, in restaurant one expects to eat food that wouldn't or couldn't be prepared at home - at least in our house - though we have acquaintances who compete amongst themselves to produce culinary wonders and even calling themselves The Chefs of ..... Utter tedium, if truth be told.


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