Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rustic In The City

Last week I was in NYC and had the good fortune of actually having a great view from my hotel room as opposed to the neighboring building’s brick wall or alleyway.  What captivated me more than the impressive views of the Empire State Building or the midtown skyline was the number of water towers I could see.  I’ve always been fascinated with NYC water towers.  Probably because I appreicate the worn weathered rustic look of them sitting atop a modern city.  And, I think of them as completely iconic to New York City.  I went to a party once in SoHo.  The apartment had a private roof top pool and situated next to the pool was an old water tower.  Not only was it a functioning water tower, but it also served as a strange primitive shade structure to a very modern lap pool. 

I believe most people think NYC’s water towers are a thing of the past, but having lived there I know most buildings over a certain height have functioning water towers.    My apartment was on the east side at Sutton Place.  It was in a 1920's Tudor building with it's own water tower.  Now that I think about it, that could explain the crappy water pressure in my shower!   

Seeing water towers from a NYC hotel room is nothing unusal.  However, what really caught my imagination was the brand new one directly centered out of my hotel room window!  I’ve never seen a brand new tower – until last week. 

It made me wonder who builds and maintains them and how does one go about acquiring a water tower if one so desires?  A quick google search reveled there are two companies who build and maintain New York’s water towers.  Both companies have been around for over 100 years and one of them claims they maintain over 10,000 towers in the city.

I think they’re cool and I’d like to have one!  It would be super great here on the farm.  In writing this I realized that my fascination with these water towers may not have started from my exposure to them in New York, but during my childhood instead. 

Remember this! 

Now that would be me on the farm! 

See there is a bit of the country in the city!  And, I always loved Billie Jo, Bobbie Jo and of course Steve Elliot.  I didn’t care for Betty Jo.  She got on my nerves.

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