Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Masculine Spaces

I’ve never been accused of doing frilly rooms.  In fact, at times I think the rooms in my house tend to be a little (and sometimes a lot) on the cold side of the decorating scale.  I gathered theses photos from my collection of shelter magazines.  I love them all and the one thing they have in common is they’re each rather masculine in their own way.  Masculine - not cold.  There…I now feel better!


  1. I always think of myself as being a feminine--but not frilly--decorator, but lately I have been really drawn to masculine spaces, and this is a great lineup!

  2. I don't why but I just can't seem to pull off a masculine room. It always ends up more pretty than butch. Hmmm. Anyway, that first room is a favorite of mine. I even love the animal print (leopard or ocelot?) with the horn legs.

  3. Spot on! my decorating style is definitely more masculine, love the rich woods, leathers, old english oils.......personally see decors with their roots in either london library or french salon. simplistic, yes but that is how my brain works

    love your inspiration photo's

  4. I prefer handsome to least most of the time. I'm a Libra. What can I say?

  5. This is a great collection of images - very much enjoyed these. They all have a strong look and feel to them.

    The chandelier you mentioned from John Matthew Moore's DC Design House foyer is for sale although I didn't see the price sheet. Rick Singelton is the lighting artist who created it - he does custom work and I'm sure could make anything you wanted if you needed a different size. ( I've met them both and they're wonderful.


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