Friday, April 6, 2012

Inside Out

We have a lot of large doors and windows on our house.  All too often, I keep them pretty well shuttered, draped or shaded.  I’m trying to be practical.  I’m keeping the heat in and the cold out in the winter and the cold in and the heat out in the summer.  I started studying these photos, all of which bring the outside in and am feeling the urged to yank down the drapes and fling the shutters open.  Spring is here!


  1. yes i always think the same thing but then i wonder what their heating and a/c bills must be. plus in the winter i can't stand the thought of a big black cold window staring at me, i love drawing the drapes each evening.

  2. randy can i bother you again about white paint colors? thank you. i know you recommended a white paint color for painting my red house and i'm about ready to buy the paint so could you refresh my memory on the color you suggested. thank you, much appreciation randy.


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