Monday, August 1, 2011

Pocket Doors & Room Views

When we did our renovation, we had the architect change the floor plan making almost every interior door and pass through as wide as possible in the rear section of the house.  What was a single opening on the original plan became a double opening on the final blueprints. The back rooms were a total tear down, so since the walls were coming down and having to be re-framed or completely new, we opted for most of the openings to be pocket doors.    It didn't matter if it was the opening between the kitchen and center hall or a single door to the powder room, I didn't want any doors that swung and took up space.  Also, I wanted to be able to close off rooms completely or open them up fully to one another. 

The first photo is taken from the kitchen looking through the center hall and into the media room. 

There's a single door at the far end of the media room which leads to a small side foyer. 


There's a powder room off the foyer - it has a pocket door!  Of course. 

Widening the openings and installating pocket doors was just about the smartest thing I've ever done!

And for more inspiration:

photo credit unknown

photo credit Alexandre Bailhache

photo credit Cheryl Dalton

photo credit Eric Piasecki

photo credit Fernando Bengoechea

photo credit Huntly Hedworth

photo credit James Dirand

photo credit Miguel Flores Vianna

photo credit Pieter Estersohn

photo credit Roger Davies

photo credit Roland Beaufre

photo credit unknown

photo credit William Waldron



  1. Fun to see a glimpse inside the house. I have pocket doors for the first time, and love them!

  2. Brilliant you are! Love pocket doors and love seeing inside your house!!! peeper that I am;)

    hope you are staying cool-ish!

  3. thanks randy for sharing photos of the interior of your beautiful home. it looks like darryl carter lives there. i love the colors, spareness and simplicity of your design. truly beautiful.

  4. Many of old bow front townhouses in Boston have pocket doors between the front two parlors and sometimes again between the parlors and the kitchen. I've always loved them.

    Also love your leather wingbacks. Those are in your kitchen?

  5. i have french doors. but the concept is the same. rooms opening into rooms into rooms into rooms. pocket is way better bc they can disappear.


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