Thursday, August 4, 2011

Good Ideas - Stone & Plaster

As far as I'm concerned anything along the lines of stone, marble, or plaster is a good idea.  And if it involves a statue, well that's even better!

I want a statue in my house.  And, those beat up outdoor chairs make me very happy.

photo credit William Abranowicz

This is from a Bobby McAlpine house. Balustrades holding fire wood - nice.

Also, from my hero McAlpine is this sink.  That's classic sexy.
photo credit Don Freeman.

Last week I mentioned I had a design idea for  the walls of
my outdoor dining/lounging porch.
This photo and the next should be a good hint.
From Oscar de la Renta

photo credit Rene' Stoelite

I would do this...really I would!
photo credit deide von schaewen.

This photo was one of a series highlighting furniture in
 World of Interiors and granted this was styled and photographed in a
museum - but there's an idea here.
photo credit Bill Batten.

photo credit Fritz von der schulenberg.


  1. Have you ever been to Sir John Soane's Museum in London? You'd be in heaven.

  2. Photo 2 could totally be your center hall.

  3. Anonymous,
    No I haven't been to Soane's, but London is my next destination the next chance I get to go to Europe - now I have one more thing to add to my list! Thanks...

  4. randy i have access to almost all the elements for 6th image. let me know if i can help

    on a shopping trip this weekend i found some wall mannequins. i can't wait to start the venetian plaster (behr's paint) in layers and shades of antiquity, wish me luck


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