Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Salon Inspiration

photo credit William Waldron
I haven’t been very inspired lately.  Perhaps you can tell from my lack of postings!  Actually my inspirational void is only part of the problem.  There have been some technical and environmental issues which have made computering a tad frustrating, but I won’t force the details on you. 

I like to sometimes refer to my living room as ‘the Salon’.  It sounds more chic. Very Oscar Wilde.  Besides, I certainly don't live in it, in fact I rarely step foot in there.  Occassionally I stick my head in the door just to make sure no one has taken up residence without my knowledge. 

I like the feeling the word ‘salon’ evokes – intelligent conversation, thought provoking books, and sophisticated gatherings.  Not that much of that goes on in my house, but I still like the idea.  If it were a true 'salon' maybe I would use it more.

In an effort to kick start my design motivation; here are some examples of my idea of how a salon should look.  Inspiration, I seek thee!

Reed Krakoff
Josha McHugh

Keith Johnson

Miguel Flores Vianna

Peter Vitale

Simon Upton

photo credit William Waldron

photo credit William Waldron

photo credit William Waldron


  1. I'm kind coveting that lavender sofa salon. They're all wonderful though.

  2. love the mirror in the 2nd to last photo, i think it makes the whole room.
    and also i love the reed krakoff room.

  3. i have a salon!!!!

    it's in constant decorating upheaval...

    i choose the ochre lady's salon. #9


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