Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Politics of Style

OK…stay with me for a minute…

As you know this is not a political blog.  But, I LIVE for politics.  However, there are enough people who rant on about that subject, so generally I do not feel the need to do so – at least here.  But, today I’m going to venture into the political landscape, but I promise once I’m done it will be relevant to the blog’s concept of Design, Food & Lifestyle.  Promise…

Oh…I intend to be non-partisan and simply state the facts as I see them…really…


I’ve been hearing rumors that this woman may want to score the gig of Head of the World Bank. 

And the rumor mill has it that this man would then become Secretary of State.

Which means this guy has to find a new running mate for 2012.

Today I saw a news report that this guy is a lead contender for the VP slot.


I predict that this man will be the Republican Presidential Nominee for 2012.

I predict he will very begrudgingly pick this woman as his running mate (or someone equally as conservative to satisfy the Right which hates him).

I predict these two will beat…

…these two, for obvious reasons.


This guy will then be the sitting VP and a shoe-in for the Democrat Presidential nomination in 2016. 

This guy wants to run now, but knows he can’t win.  So, he’s going to wait until 2016.  If he gets the Republican nomination (and I predict he will because no matter what they say the world is not ready for more Bush) will look like this….

New Jersey VS. New York...
and the Southern Rednecks will just stay home...

which means…this guy wins.

PART FOUR…here’s the punch line…

This woman could be the First Lady!

The boxwoods at the entrance to the White House will be replaced with plastic sunflowers.  There will be a different 'tablescape' for every occasion.  Tator Tots will be back in fashion.  State dinners will be semi-homemade.  We'll all be talking about the new White House decor style of 'Semi-Shabby'.  But, I bet the White House Easter Egg Roll will be an event to end all events.

Now do you see why I had to at least bring up the subject?  It's never too early to be thinking about design at a high level!


  1. Ahahaha! Very well done.

    Romney-Bachmann? Very interesting. Have you seen this clip of her husband?

    Your story doesn't end up so bad. Every semi-homemade meal comes with the cocktail!

  2. holy nutsacks of ballnuts..

    sandra lee can never be the first lady ever...

  3. bc that would be semihorrible.

  4. Love it!
    I have to say, the Bachman veep spot didn't occur to me (yet), but OF COURSE. Also love that Cuomo is getting mad props for gay marriage, and that somehow in a weird counter-intuitive move, the gay marriage thing is totally positioning him for career greatness. Love it.

  5. Sandra Lee as first lady?! oh the horrors of it all. She'll bring her Zwanzaa cake :O

  6. ...Oh God. Fasten your seatbelt.

    As a semi homemade side note...I worked with Cuomo's father...well, I rode up the elevator with him and we chatted.

  7. agreed........and hoping...with fingers crossed... for everything but Sandra Lee..great post...k

  8. Politics and decorating do NOT mix. Politics, as in greedy, corrupt, narcissistic nitwits makes my blood boil while throw pillows soothe me. There I was in a lovely reverie over ancient columns and salons when BOOM -- my head exploded -- first by sneak attack pic of Hillary Clinton (ARGH!) and then by a prediction that BHO would be POTUS for another four years. What!!??? Excuse me while I mop up brain matter. The good news -- no way -- and ditto on the rest of your predictions all of which = Rocky Horror Picture Show.Shelli NYC


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