Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I must have ghosts!

Someone or something is coming into my house and moving things around.  I have an alarm system so I don’t understand how this is happening.  Let me be clear.  I am not talking about small mysterious but ultimately explainable things like an open cabinet door or a moved candlestick.  I mean big items like sofas, chairs and some times full rooms!  It usually occurs on a Friday night.  It has been going on for a long time.  Although it is not as frequent now as it was years ago, it still occasionally happens.  Also, they usually leave an empty wine bottle or two setting around.  It’s most strange. 

I’ll get up the next morning and may find the entire living room reshuffled.  Or maybe the living room and dining room have been switched!  Most of the time the moves are pretty good and usually better than how I had the room arranged.  But, sometimes they just leave an unfinished mess.  It is sort of like their idea did not work or either they got bored and just stopped in the middle of the move.  That is quite irritating considering I am left with the mess to clean up. 

I blame Margaret Russell.  I’m sure you know she was the celebrity editor of Elle Décor and has just moved to Architectural Digest.  I love her.  She was also on that awful TV design show Top Design with Kelly Wearstler.  I like Kelly Wearstler and her designs, but I think she’s crazy.  I don’t think she and Margaret got along on that show either.  Although Kelly’s designs are always featured in Elle Décor. I think Margaret is far too classy to hang out with her.  Also, you could tell Margaret was quite taken aback by some of the crazy shit Kelly wore on the show.    I almost met Margaret Russell at a party once in New York, but by the time I pushed my way across the room to stalk her she had made her way through the crowd and disappeared.  I had planned to get confirmation that Kelly is actually a wack job.  It’s probably for the best.  I’m sure I would have been too star struck to speak intelligently (like the time my partner met Diana Ross, but I’ll save that for another blog entry).  But I digress.

Back to the ghost problem. 

I guess I have to take responsibility for the confusion.  We have this game we play call ‘Margaret Russell will be here in an hour.’  It started one night when I was complaining about not being happy with something in the house and we could not figure out how to solve the issue.  There were a lot of ‘what if that moved over there’ or ‘we will never know unless we just move it’ statements made.  We just were not able to make a decision.  Finally I said, “Pretend the phone just rang and it was Margaret Russell.  She is at the airport and headed down now to photograph the house for next month’s issue.  She will be here in an hour! We need to get it together and fast!”  I think the ghosts are listening to these conversations, get confused and then kick into action when we go to bed. 

Several weekends ago ‘those people who come into our house’ set up this very nice niche using a new desk we recently purchased.  It’s a perfect place for the laptop.  But, they also moved everything from the center hallway into the living room leaving the hallway virtually empty! I like it but it’s a little sparse.  They also moved the empire slay bed in the guest room square into the middle of the room.  It’s very dramatic.  But now everything else in the room needs to be re-thought!  Typical.

The old family cemetery sits across the road from my back driveway entrance.  They are all buried there!  Many houses as old as this house have ghosts.   It’s plausible. 


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