Wednesday, October 6, 2010

House Maintenance

I try to only post the best photos of the house and grounds on the blog site.  And, I do have a tendency to excessively ‘style’ a shot as to never reveal anything out of place.  But, more than I would like to admit, often things are not always so perfect.   

We have a wonderful big old white house, which requires a lot of attention to keep it that way.  Currently a couple of local guys, Billy Bob and Jim Bob (of course that is not their names but it may as well be) have been on the property doing maintanance.  So, there have been paint cans and ladders lying around the house for weeks.  Not to mention other little ‘Bob’ droppings like empty caulk tubes or a forgotten paint brush.  They were supposed to finish the last of the painting this past Monday.  I have not seen them all week, so they are right on schedule!   When the 'Bobs' get here we usually spend far too much time talking about nothing before any work gets done.  Last week I learned that Jim Bob has a side 'poltergeist hunting' business so he's dying (no pun intended) to get into the house with his video cameras and audio recorders and find a ghost.  I have explained to him that I am just not ready to open that door at this time, so I think it's best to be left alone.  Besides we never experienced anything in the house to make us believe that there are any spirits residing within.  However, there was one time years ago when a friend of ours (and you know who you are!) spent the night and the next morning she insisted that something or someone of spirit persuasion woke her during the night by touching her ear.  But, I never have been sure of her story.  She was sleeping with her two Scottish Terriers and had been drinking heavily that evening. 

During our two year renovation of the house we had a cast of characters working on the project.  In fact, the man who did our floors was named Bill Clinton, so I like to think the floors got the presidential treatment.  As much as we wanted the construction to end, just like this maintenance project, there's always a little void when the Bobs and their friends leave.  I call it contractor withdrawal.  But, I shouldn’t worry about it because I know the way it is with a big old white house – just like in the movie Poltergeist, “they'll be back”, whether I want them to our not!

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