Friday, October 8, 2010

Classic Modern Mix

I'm pulling from the shelter magazine archives for today's post.  This Hudson, New York loft was published in the now defunct New York Home's January 2006 issue.  It was the inspiration for my New York apartment.  One big difference was that I had an overwhelming 225 square foot semi-furnished studio in a Tudor building.  I had to deal with two modern love seats, a Murphy bed and an ugly glass top table.  I  slip covered the love seats, added white architectural mirrors, and hung a few over sized maps with wood frames.  Plus, I incorporated some black sculptural and architectural wood accent pieces.  However, I did not pull it off as well as this loft's design.  Of course the guy that lived here owned a well-known antiques gallery and admitted to moving things in between his shop and the loft.  I had to work with what I could ship up via UPS! 

Now four years later I've taken a second look and I still like the thoughtful mix of classic accents and variation of wood furniture and the casual white slipcovers.  I see plenty of room here on the farm to incorporate many of these ideas. 

New York Homes
January - February 2006
Photos by Joshua McHugh

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