Monday, December 5, 2011

Office Ideas

photo credit Bruno Suet
I've been back in my office for the last week or so after the Thanksgiving holidays and I realize what a mess it is! I work from home so I can pretty much do what I please to my office.  It's totally separate from my house so really there's no limitations - other than the money to go wild.   I first need to straighten this mess up.  But, maybe I just need to redecorate!  Perhaps I need a change of scenery and all the mess will look better.  

I'm currently studying these photos as inpiration.  Of course these range from cluttered to clean, but even the cluttered ones seem organized!

photo credit Pieter Estersohn

photo credit Roland Beaufre

photo credit Simon Upton
(4 images)

photo credit Thomas Loof

photo credit Tony Meneguzzo


  1. i adore the 2nd photo. i loved those guys whole house. it really just killed me. i'm working on my husbands office right now. he hates it when i do that but he can't stop me. good luck with yours.

  2. my home office is currently a hell hole, a pandora's mess of a box.......... these offices are a distant dream, love the second image too and can imagine myself cozied up in there making another mess, sigh

  3. Please excuse my absence. I can't comment on your posts when I'm at the office because your embedded comment box doesn't agree with my security software and I'm not allowed to.

    And then by the time I get home, I've totally forgotten.

  4. Organisation is the key to an effective workspace—whether you have an office in a commercial building or at home. The design inspirations are quite useful for everyone who thinks they need to be more organised.


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