Thursday, December 8, 2011

Art Work In Sets

photo credit Pieter Estersohn

 There is an art to hanging groups of artwork correctly.  If you're every having trouble and I'm not available to dash over and help use these photos as a guide!

photo credit unknown

photo credit Belen Imaz

photo credit Bill Batten

photo credit Gilles Trillard

photo credit Pierre Olivier Deschamps

photo credit Pieter Esterohn

photo credit Simon Upton

photo credit Stellani Herner

photo credit Tim Beddow

photo credit William Abranowicz

photo credit William Waldron


  1. That setup in the third photo looks amazing and it's probably the easiest in the entire bunch. Pulling this off successfully is incredibly difficult.

  2. i'm a patient person. you don't even have to dash over, just saunter and bring your talents. no doubt chicago in winter is on your radar?!

  3. Back when dinosaurs were pups I taught yearbook because I was the journalism teacher. Great training for understanding the power of the grid, seeing the optical center is about 1" above technical center, the 2/3-1/3 beauty, the use of negative space and interior margins. Knowledge is not always power. Hence, the many nail holes hidden behind what appears to be a perfect grid. Sigh......

  4. hi randy,

    i think the most successful gallery-type walls are ones that are created slowly over time. i'm not a big lover of the boxed set type gallery wall. i prefer the ones that look like a person bought a piece of art and came home and hung it and just kept adding to it over the years. i love that look. it's not so contrived. but what do i know?


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