Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Pool Make Over

I am happy to tell you that decisions have been made on how we’re going to manage the pool makeover.  The pool man has been scheduled and will be here the week after Thanksgiving to drain the pool!  After much conversation we’ve decided to go with a pebble look liner.  We have to pay an up charge to have it made without a border.  Which makes no sense to me because in my opinion we're getting less!We tried to make ourselves learn to love at least one liner with a border, but it just didn’t happen.  We never could find anything we liked. 

For a moment I was pushing this dark gray number simple because it’s not awful. 

But, then I decided I didn’t want the pool to look like a swamp so I ruled it out.  Then we were leaning toward this one. 

We weren’t in love with it, but it does tie in the brick around the courtyard and the concrete.  But in the end it just didn't excite us and we opted for the pebble. 

Pool Man tried to convince us to add a stone or brick copping.  It’s certainly a nice idea, but considering it was going to cost an extra five grand and he did not agree to my idea of throwing it in for free we declined that option.  However, we are going to have the concrete resurfaced.  It will probably be in one of these neutrals. 

Also, we think we’re having a narrow color change in the concrete added around the edge of the pool, probably in one of these grays which will tie in all the gray decking from the house. 

Or one of these reds to tie into all the brick.

We’re also having steps built in the pool.  Somewhere between this...

and this…

I've said before that all pool liners suck.  I think my next career will be that of a Pool Liner Designer.  Just to show you that I would be quite good at it, here's a few quick designs I've pulled together!

 Grass border with Mud interior....


 How about a border of fish bones and an interior of blood plateletts?

If that's not your style try a border of vegetables with an interior of chicken broth...

 Then there's could be a border of flames with a chacoal interior!

I think all of these are fine options and are far better than anything currently on the market.  I'm going to make a fortune.

But first we have to decide on our concrete color and the step design this week.


  1. I'm quite happy I don't have a pool. I wouldn't know what to pick but I think the charcoal and flames would be cool.

  2. Hysterical designs you've come up with! Isn't it funny they don't know their borders aren't attractive? We had our pool closed a few weeks ago and I miss it.

  3. so glad our is concrete that every once in awhile has to be drained and painted again, ugghhh. oh the agony of picking a pool color.

    if we were so fortunate to have a liner would opt for the fish bones and blood platelets .......hysterical!

  4. quick question for you, we are also AGONIZING over a pool liner. i need to make my decision by tomorrow am :( at first we also thought dark...there is a black granite under The Vinyl works, where we are getting our liner, but then thougt maybe it is too dark, suddenly what i thought was exotic became a cold harshg look (who knows what is lurking under that water) now we are considering one called sandstone...supposedly it makes it look more teal/carribean like (i don't get it, byt so they say) we opted for no tile border, since i feel it looks like a cartoon drawing of tile..rediculously fake. can you help me???! is where we are deciding. This is giving me wrinkles as we speak??!!! feel free to email me ~Amanda -thanks so much if you can help!!


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